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John Powell and the O&R team are such a tremendous value-add for AMSC. They have taken the time to get to know our company and to understand our business. As a result, they are well-positioned to provide high quality legal advice at a fraction of the cost. This is why we use John Powell and his O&R team to manage AMSC’s domestic and international intellectual property portfolio.

I also rely on John Powell’s business-savvy and pragmatic counsel during important commercial and governmental contract negotiations.  As a former in-house general counsel, John truly understands legal and business risks that could derail the long-term success of a company and does an excellent job navigating AMSC around these potential risks.”

– John R. Samia, Esq., American Superconductor Corporation’s General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

I’ve worked with Frank Occhiuti for years. He and O&R have worked on numerous patents for JRT in the medical device, environmental remediation, and oil recovery fields. He has worked with me closely on the entire content of patents from beginning to end. He is extremely conscientious, honest, thorough and of high-intellectual caliber. In many cases, Frank is uniquely helpful in going through the fundamental concepts of a patent because of his electrical engineering background. O&R knows our business and is able to cross-fertilize between patent applications, recognizing that information for one patent may have other relevance to additional patent applications that we may be filing.

The real value that O&R brings to the patent arena is that they’re always looking ahead to anticipate any issues that may come up during a patent filing, making sure all bases are covered thoroughly. They make sure that all the important information is included and make sure that no bases are uncovered or little that would give an examiner pause.”

– Raymond S. (Ray) Kasevich, CEO and Co-Founder, JR Technologies LLC (JRT)